Ab Workouts For Women

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If you are not into buying those expensive get flat Abs in 6 days gimmicks you just want the simple facts on some great Ab workouts for women. Here are some simple Ab workouts that you can do.

You will want to incorporate 3 to 5 Ab toning type exercise into your workout routine if you are serious about Ab toning.

Simple Ab Workouts For Women

  1. Sit Ups – One of the simplest Ab workouts for women. You can not go wrong with sit ups. To liven them up you can also use an exercise ball
  2. Crunches – a bit like the sit up’s but you do not sit all the way up. You raise your shoulder up off the ground. These target your upper Abs
  3. Crunches Reversed – These works on your lower Abs, yet your whole Abs are going to be feeling the burn. Lay flat on the floor then raise your knees up near to your chest then raise up to meet them.
  4. Leg Raises – this target in getting rid of the belly lump women often get. The most loved of the simple Ab workouts for women out there. Here is how you do it. Lay flat on the floor the support your back my placing your hands under your hips (palms down). Then raise your legs up slightly off the floor.
  5. Bicycle Exercise – Stated by the American Council of Exercise one of the most effective Ab workouts for women is the Bicycle exercise. They are simple to do. All you have to do is lay flat on the floor the lace your fingers behind your head. Raise your right leg and then rise to bring your left elbow to meet it. Then vice versa.

Remember doing these Ab workouts for women will not melt the fat from your Abs, nor are they meant to give you a six pack stomach. They are meant to help strengthen your core for your overall spine health. Yet many strive for the 6 pack flat stomach look. Only once you have attained a certain level of body fat can you start to strive for it. It still may elude you even then. It also has to do with your genetic make up as well.

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